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We are the manufacturers and Exporters of Synthetic Food Colors, Lake Colors, Blended Colors & D&C Colors. We had a steady Growth within a short span that has been possible due to sheer hard work,strict quality measures and sound business practices adopted by the top management.We are 100% Export oriented company.

Due to dynamic marketing, high morals , service & high standards of quality concern.We have moved rapidly towards much higher growth and success since inception. Continuously invest in idea and personnel who will propel us towards our goal.

Mission And Manufacturing

Company mission has always been to extend maximum feedback to the customers in terms of quality of products & competetiveness of rates to enable the customers to sustain in their local market for long term.

Our core competency is its excellent manufacturing capabilities, with a state of art manufacturing plant,fully equipped application support lab and a high profile quality control center , which ensures our customers get a ready supply of finished material, in any conceivable quantity.

Research & Development

Rexza Colours & Chemicals utilizes sophisticated technologies and expertise, partenering with its customers globally and regionally to create market defining opportunitiesand proprietary solutions.The results from this combination of expertise and resources enhance sensory aspects of consumer products in the food abd beverage , pharmaceutical , cosmetics, consumer products, industrial inks, consumer printing, and other industries worldwide.



Synthetic Food Colour

Primary Food Colours

Primary Food Colours are widely used in adding visual appeal to various food and other utility products.They are used for decorating the food item besides being necessary additives.They are called primary colors simply because they comprises basic colours that do not have any hazardous effects.Available in various colour range, our primary food colors are widely used in soft drinks, beverages, Desserts, Confectioneries, Meat and Fish products and many more. We give below a list of various primary colors produced by our company.


Rexza Food Colors Range:


Common Name Color Index No. E.C.No. Shade
Tartrazine 19140 E102
Sunset Yellow FCF 15985 E110
Carmoisine 14720 E122
Ponceau 4R 16255 E124
Brilliant Blue FCF 42090 E133
Indigo Carmine 73015 E132
Erythrosine 45430 E127
Fast Green FCF 42053 -
Amaranth 16185 E123
Allura Red 16035 E129
Red 2G 18050 E128
Quinoline  Yellow WS 47005 E104
Patent Blue V 42051 E131
Brown HT 20285 E155
Black PN 28440 E151
Green S 44090 E142


Rexza  offers customized blend of above products as per requirement from customer.

* Primary Food Colors are usually packed in 25 Kg (Net Wt) HDPE Drum with LD liner.

* Whereas small packing is also available like 5Kg, 1 Kg, 0.500 Kg, HDPE Jar. Small packing is packed in corrugated box for extra safety. Also Rexza  can supply the material in customer require packing.



Rexza Food Color Blends:


Common Name Color Index No. Shade
Egg Yellow 19140 + 15985
Kesari B 19140 + 15985 + 14720
Apple Green 19140 + 42090
Pea Green 19140 + 42090
Rasberry Red 14720 + 15985
Strawberry Red 14720 + 16255
Chocolate Brown Y 14720 + 15985 + 19140 + 42090 + 42053
Chocolate Brown K1 15985 + 42090 + 14720 + 19140
Chocolate Brown FCF 15985 + 16255 + 42090
Black CTB 14720 + 19140 + 42090
Black NCTB 14720 + 19140 + 42090
Black 1011 15985 + 14720 + 42090


Rexza  offers many more food color blends than listed above.

* Whereas small packing is also available like 5Kg, 1 Kg, 0.500 Kg, HDPE Jar. Small packing is packed in corrugated box for extra safety. Also Rexza  can supply the material in customer require packing.

* Blended Food Colors are usually packed in 25 Kg (Net Wt) HDPE Drum with LD liner.


Lake Food Colours

Lake Colors are dispersible in vegetable oil, and can be mixed with fats, oils, etc. They can also be dispersed in suspension of propylene glycol or sucrose (water or sugar).
Lake colors, being relatively inert absorption compounds, are very adaptable and versatile. Because of their good dispersion properties, an almost infinite variety of products can be colored with these pigments.
Lake colors are more stable than the water-soluble colors, thus it is widely used in Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical industry. Rexza  offer Lake Colors in four concentrations 15-22 %, 23-30%, 31-38%, 42.45%.



Rexza  Food Color Lake:


Product Name C.I. No. EC No. Shade
Quinoline Yellow Lake 47005:1 E104
Sunset Yellow FCF Lake 15985:1 E110
Carmoisine Lake 14720:1 E122
Amaranth Lake 16185:1 E123
Ponceau 4R Lake 16255:1 E124
Erythrosine Lake 45430:1 E127
Allura Red Lake 16035:1 E129
Patent Blue V Lake 42051:1 E131
Indigo Carmine Lake 73015:1 E132
Brilliant Blue FCF Lake 42090:2 E133
Tartrazine Lake 19140:1 E102
Brown HT Lake 20285 E155
Black PN Lake 28440 E151


* All above lakes are available in various strength

* Lake colors can accommodate in 12.5 Kg (Net Wt.) HDPE Drum. The Drum has wide-open mouth, so it is easy to move out material.

Rexza  also offers customized blends as per requirements from customer.


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